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BJJ Practice 3/25/2010

1. Letting him grab my hip pants to control.
2. After the sweep, not controlling his right arm (giving him too much room to wiggle out of the armbar).
3. Sloppy back take (a better guy would have reversed me)

1. I notice with the big guys I must do two on one sleeve control to get the armdrag.
2. Good control of the arm after the sweep.
3. Transition to the triangle after he escaped the armbar (even though I didn’t finish it)
4. Solid back control

1. Not going immediately to underhook the leg after the arm drag (end up struggling when he has the sleeve).

1. trapping the arm (before and after the sweep)
2. shooting the triangle from open (been working on that)

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BJJ Practice 3/3 and 3/4/2010

Ok, so forgot my camera on 3/3 and just did drills on 3/4 so let’s do this the electronically old fashioned way.


This class was less “live” and more start from position. We did 2 minute drills where one partner started on the back…and then…switched for 2 minutes.

First I went with a brown belt who I outweigh by like 50 pounds. I got him.

Next I went with Joe. He got my hooks out. But I had both lapels under his armpits. When he squirmed I got one hook back in.

Next I went with Todd. I swear Todd is the strongest 190 lb’er in the world. He escaped on hook and turned to my guard…BUT…I used the other hook that was still in to a)trap his leg and b)take mount.

Small details I noticed…

1) I have difficulty setting the choke from a static position. I usually sink the choke in when he’s fighting to escape the back (which makes sense because one of his hands is busy).

2) I do much better when I’m higher up on his back. Perhaps I should use my feet to push off of his hips.


Situational drilling again. Nothing really to note. Although I’m hitting triangle’s from open guard on a much more regular basis.

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BJJ Practice 2/24/2010


1. Let him control pantleg (frequent mistake)

2. Need to shrimp more when he’s circling me rather than chasing all the time.

3. Missed the first hook when I took his back (that was the important one)


1. He gave me sweep out of fear (hahahahaha!)

2. Good transition from underhooks to control with brabo grip

3. Good leg control and pressure passing the butterfly and subsequent pant leg control to flatten him out

4. Thanks Getz for the tip to go to north south

5. Head and arm control to set up back take

6. (hard to see) Quick transition from head and arm control to lapel control for choke (transition set up)


1. Not far enough around his back when I went for the arm drag and should have shrimped out

2. Need to ball up more when he’s passing guard

3. Basically pulled the choke onto me by grabbing his arm

4. Had no clue how to get out of that choke

5. Missed a perfect triangle opportunity at 4:14


1. Control when he was trying to open guard with both hands on belt

2. Good spin back to guard at end (balled up works!)


1. Let him get way too many arm drags.


1. Wilson pass setup from kimura

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BJJ Practice 2/19/10


1. Not keeping both feet on opponent at all times in open guard before sweep. (0:00)

2. Letting him roll to his bell and not transitioning when he pulled half guard from dog…and not immediately fighting for the underhook (1:49)

3. Clock choke was loose, took too long to tap (elbow looked high) (3:22)

4. Let go of sleeve way too early during knee cut, created problems in my side mount with his hands on my hips (4:09)

5. Sloppy transition to brabo grip


1. Sweeping when his base was high. (00:49)

2. Jumping to mount when he was blocking my north/south transition. (1:16)

3. Good leg hook and sprawl when he tried to go to dog from side (3:00)

4. (Not on video) Fed lapel from left hand to right when he transitioned from side to do (clock choke set up) (3:10)


1. Need stronger pant leg control (0:15 and 2:25)

2. Tried to Soji sweep to the wrong side (foot planted) (0:32)

3. Didn’t pull his arm enough during the soji sweep (see planted elbow) (1:29)

4. Need to get more on my side for the unstoppable sweep (2:49 – 3:32)

5. Let him knee cut while I was trying the unstoppable sweep (3:32)

6. Not balling up enough to prevent knee on belly (4:07)

7. Let him control with double underhooks when he pulled butterfly guard (5:07)


1. Good sleeve control when he stood up (0:47)

2. Perfect timing to lock in the arm drag, (but I didn’t pull his arm enough to keep the position). (1:34)


1. Let him control pant leg (from start)

2. Probably shouldn’t of let him pass to get the bicep crush, not my goto move (1:45)

3. Shouldn’t of let him roll to his knees (2:32)

4. Weak choke (4:20)

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