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Pulling Guard at Bjj Practice

Have been having some trouble with the black belts passing my guard (uh, who hasn’t Rob?)…so I’ve taken some time to work on just pulling guard instead of sweeping or submitting from open guard. Here’s a practice session of just trying to pull guard and then opening again when I do…

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Standing Guard Pass Drill

Been working on this guard pass (and a few variations) for a few weeks. The original guard pass is actually a shuffle step to a knee cut pass. But I’ve been finding people don’t like to keep their guard closed when I stand up. And instead put their feet on my hips, so I’ve been working on this smashing version where I pass their foot across.

Any ideas where I can tighten it up?

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When Not To Pressure An Opponent

Had a big “ah-ha” moment the other day that will probably triple your success rate with the knee cut pass.

Last week I went for a knee-cut pass with my right knee up. Usually, I hit this pass no problem. But this time, my opponent jammed his left knee above my thigh and below my elbow…effectively blocking the pass.

Even though I can’t pass from here I usually feel OK for two reasons…

1)      I’m in no danger of being swept or submitted…


2)      I have good pressure on his legs from here.

Usually it is a good thing to have pressure on opponent. But – this time – I decided to try something different

Here’s what I did next…

Instead of trying to bully through, I sat back. Immediately, the rocking back pried his knee out from between my knee and arm. And, it revealed what I had been doing wrong in this pass for a long time.

The main problem was thinking that constant pressure was the key to passing. But the fact was the constant pressure was actually restricting the space I needed to re-establish the proper grips for the pass.

So, the next time you are stuck in a position and you have good pressure ask yourself a simple question.

“Is this pressure helping me advance my position…or…is it hindering me?”

[For those not familiar, the knee cut pass is when you put your knee up between the legs of the guys open guard…and then…you “cut” it across his inside thigh (like a baseball slide)]

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BJJ Practice 3/1/2010


1. A little too low on the wilson pass.

2. Need to get higher on his back.

3. When he picks a side to roll to, attack the opposite arm.


1. Pulling up the “trapped” foot on the wilson pass so I don’t get stuck in half guard.

2. Transition to the back. Good timing.

3. Missed Todd’s back escape to my sweep to mount.


1. Damn is Todd hard to choke.

2. Letting him control the sleeve when I had his back (on the underhook). Which led to the escape and me being stuck in guard.

3. Need to have better gi control (Todd is fricking strong). Should work the two on one gi grip break to armdrag sweep.

4. Let go too late when he picked me up.

5. Not moving enough in turtle.

6. Not keeping my arms in when he tried to pull guard. Allowed him to get knees in.


1. Control on the Wilson pass. Kept underhook control and bent the “trapped” leg so I wasn’t stuck in half guard.

2. Transition to the back when he went for the sweep.

3. Good arm control to stand up

4. Good keeping my knee up when he tried to pull guard (been making that mistake, look like I’m fixing it)

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BJJ Practice 2/22/2010

Notes for the day. Shoulders were burning. Did a burpee workout at noon. Then went surfing for an hour before class.


1. Didn’t make posture and let him grab my belt.

2. Didn’t capitalize on his open guard while he had my belt.

3. Didn’t push enough when I had posture and was trying to open guard (and he pulled me down).

4. Didn’t base rear leg out enough during wilson pass.

5. Didn’t bend right leg after wilson pass (that’s why I got stuck in half guard 2:40)


1. Good thigh pressure during the wilson pass

2. Good shoulder pressure and underhook in the half


1. Base too high in guard at times

2. Let my arms get outside when he pulled open guard

3. Let him control my sleeves in open guard

4. Let him get too deep in the half guard (and he swept me)

5. Let him roll me in double stack


1. Good grip switch for guard pass at the 2:00 mark

2. Good jump to knee up after opening guard

3. Good defense of x-guard (shouldn’t of let him get my leg on his shoulder though

4. Good back taking defense


  1. When he opened guard I let go of his sleeve before putting my foot on his hip to control (that’s how he got the underhook on my leg).
  2. Should have grabbed his left arm when it was on the ground and tied it up with my leg.
  3. Should have put the knee up after the reversal and knee cut pass
  4. Sloppy transition to the brabo grip
  5. Should have pulled down his arm that was pushing on my neck for the brabo choke
  6. Sloppy setup on the choke from side
  7. Lousy control when he stood up


  1. Good fast guard pull at beginning (been working on that).
  2. Good deep underhook and leg control on the reversal
  3. Good pant leg control on the stack pass
  4. Couldn’t see (unstoppable sweep off of choke attempt)

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